Awesome Places to Visit in Seattle

SPU Seattle

Seattle is a very beautiful and amazing city in the United States of America. This city is gathered with the blend of purity with perfection. Seattle city is a very favorable place for the music and coffee lovers. This was not as it was before, it took time to gather the possibilities and put them together. After a long years of dedication and hard work Seattle city has finally gained its position and stood among the other beautiful cities in USA. The coffee shops and beer bars are the main time pass place for the locals. The attractive landscapes and art centers will amaze you with their beauty.

There are so many awesome and beautiful places to visit in Seattle city; some of these places are described below.

Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market

This is a place which is blended with noise, smells, chatting, crowd and personalities, and always visited by very kinds of peoples. Being city’s main renowned and known market this is the gathering of all local people. We will find this place amazing and will give you the opportunity to know about the culture and living way of Seattle city.

Seattle Public Library

Seattle Public Library

It is really impossible to avoid the first look of this spectacular building, was designed by famous Rem Koolhass and LMN. Around 165.5 million dollar has spent to build this facility. Having a convention room, tech center, reading room and a huge book storage for the book lover.

Olympic Sculpture Park

Olympic Sculpture Park

This huge park is having an area of 8.5 acre and total cost is around 85 million dollar. This whole park is having a huge range of amazing works, which will make you amaze. The urban area is beautifully used by the authority and makes them useable for the visitors.

University of Washington

University of Washington

This famous university was founded in 1861, known as the oldest in the city and highly ranked among the universities around the world. Around 34,000 students and 13,000 are attached in this facility. You can easily stroll around the varsity area and found the beautiful corner to spend a quality time.

A huge number of tourists from many countries cone and visit Seattle city every year, they spend a quality holiday here with their friends and family.


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